Dream Journal night no. 1241


Journal Entry Part I

As predicted my strange dreams continued last night.  As I drifted off asleep under the Valvos Tree I began to see those familiar forms: the "gnome" Venrick, the horned biped, a hairy biped and the holy one with shining armor.

As usual I felt confused as if a veil were blocking my thoughts.  What strange dreamland is this that I must visit every night?  I must discover why the one called Venrick and myself have fates as intertwined as Bilinokh Vines across the great Valvos Tree.  I must continue to investigate this matter.  my primal form changes there as it does here…perhaps my changes are the key to unlock this conundrum…

The armored one suffered still from the near drowning from the day before.  Soon we saw we were not alone, but were joined by an intoxicated holy one and a lumbering oaf behind him.  The gargantuan oaf carried a dead "gnome".  They had killed some flying beasts and the giant was still covered in its quills.  They found two magical belts and when the hairy one put on his it turned him into a female of his species.  Venrick was delighted by such a turn of events and kept reminding the formerly hairy one of HER new found sex.

It was decided that the oaf would guard the armored one while the rest of us went into a hole which led to a tomb.  We encountered some large skeletal things and discovered a tunnel with some water guardian beast that blocked our advance.  Here, the intoxicated one received divine insight and poured gallons of fermented drink into the water which seemed to make the beast sluggish and it swam away.  Venrick asked me to search the watery tunnel and I discovered a doorway into a tomb.  After searching it for shiny bits the group continued.  Here we encountered more of the large skeletal things and triggered a trap that filled the room with water and swimming things they called eels.  I managed to break down the bars blocking our retreat. 

We continued on until we encountered some cursed altars.  The intoxicated holy man was stricken with unclear thinking and loss of insight when the doors into the hall beyond the altars were opened.  There we encountered something called a daemon (pescodaemon), whose squamous form emitted such foul stench that all were nauseated by it.  The battle was bloody and many were struck down and nearly died.  The Daemon seemed to know something of the horned one's paternity and continued to mention it to the horned one, all the while attacking the horned one.  Finally it was destroyed but not without some "friendly fire" amongst the group.

We then entered a chamber and freed a severely wounded quadruped, named Xamanthe.  She was the warrior child of the "centaurs" we had met a few dreams ago.  We returned her to her tribe and we were inducted as honorary members.  They swore fealty to Venrick and we returned to the city.

As I am queen in my lands, so Venrick is ruler of his.  His approach seems more focused on delegating than ruling directly.  And he seems to be preparing for a major event.  They used magic to coax the little dead gnome back to life and somehow the one named Sam managed to return to his male self.  The leaders of this land seem to be preparing for a war as they have outfitted an army and gave them quadrupeds to ride. 

I believe there is a plan to return to the hole in the island in the river so that they can battle a fierce, ancient king for whom the daemon worked.  It will be a terrible, bloody battle I fear and I suspect at least one shall die. 


jtspalding connecticutdm

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