Burning Men and Fairy Queens


Dear Brother Uvnar,

I hope this missive finds you in fine health and I hope your studies are progressing smashingly.  As promised, I am continuing to write to you with updates regarding my recent appointment to the Greenbelt charter expedition.  Below you will find some notes regarding the last several days exploring "our" land.

...The other night, while at Svetlana's Outpost, we heard the arrival of a rider.  We were all stirred from our slumber to discover an apparent co-charterer.  Imagine our surprise to see his alarming appearance.  As he pulled his heavy winter cloak's hood back, he revealed an almost obscenely ordinary NOSE!  I simply had to touch it!  The others at the outpost seemed genuinely disturbed by his appearance, especially his horns, tails and claws but they seemed glamoured or enchanted because they failed to notice his ridiculously quotidian nose!  Well, this sorcerer apparently holds a charter as well.  Excellent, I say!  The more the merrier.  And now no one glowers at poor little Ptička as they are too busy loathing the sorcerer.  His ancestors apparently fraternized with a devil or some other evil outsider.  Foolish humans!

In the morning we travelled to see an alchemist.  This man, Bokken, is clearly a man of considerable knowledge and wisdom.  Indeed, had he not been so disgustingly tall, I would swear he was Gnomish!  His clever uses of all things alchemical made me want to converse with him regarding possible future training, but that must wait.  He all but pledged fealty at the promise of a stone laboratory.  His thatched shack was rather ramshackle.  Silly human, doesn't he know the old child's tale of the "three wolves and the big bad chipmunk"?  I digress.  He offered a magic wand of healing for a fair price if we fetched some berries for him.  We accepted.

We explored the area of his home and found evidence of "mite" activity.  We returned to Svetlana's to discover exciting news…news I cannot share, but here is a hint: remember the tale of the badger that fed the mare?!  Also, we met a most agreeable fellow who was the last of our charter.  He is some sort of follower of the god of drunkards…why other races need alcohol to free them of their inhibitions I will never know.  Whatever works I guess.

Lyrace, I believe the name was, was accompanied by a dour priest of Eyrastil.  The codger seemed dull but in a scheming sort of way.  He asked us to check out the "temple of the elk".  And so we set off on a major exploration expedition.  As we travelled we saw a most regal animal, a "red dog" (thylacine) whose wit matched his beautiful back stripes.  I conversed with him at length and he deemed me most capable and the natural leader the group.  Had the others been able to understand the creature I am sure they would have humored him and agreed.  Hierarchal leadership is too rigid for my liking!  I suppose things could be worse though!  We could be in Galt!  Well, he gave us the lay of the land and we set off and discovered a small "mite" mine of some delightfully sparkly metal…gold perhaps.

We eventually found the berries which were in a terrible bush of delightful gooseberries!  I remember the gooseberry tarts that Veema used to make!  Ah, most toothsome!  So, there was a horde of nasty little spiders that harassed us.  Filthy vermin!  Yuck!  That follower of Desna I told you about, well he doused himself in alchemical fire to get rid of the swarms of spiders.  What bravado, what…silliness!  Desna must truly bless this man, if he dreams up these sorts of astounding feats!

Afterwards we explored more and found a few places to cross the river.  The Thorn River has its banks encased in thorny brambles.  Why they do not grow on the other rivers is a mystery.  We came across the Skunk River as well.  But unlike the charmingly playful aroma of skunk, this river actually stank (I discovered later that humans think that skunks stink!  Who knew?!)...

There at the Skunk River we encountered a boggard of dubious moral character.  I mean, he doesn't even have protruding ears!  Hello!?  Alas, my compatriots wished to deal with him in a manner I found frustrating.  But I am not their leader, so let them trade with the foul thing.  The equestrian and fellow follower of Desna in our group seemed to have a special fondness of the creature.  Perhaps I should ask if he had a dream that foreshadowed his dealings with the boggard. 

We discovered the Temple of the Elk and killed some, man-bear inside a cave.  Rather uneventful, really.  You see, Uvnar, we have a man-boy of prodigious martial skill and strength.  Few foes can stand for long before him without crumpling.  Add to that the talented pantomiming and bladework of the bard and the weapons of the others and we are quite a formidable crowd!

We encountered a trapped and terrified (and thus dangerous) red dog later (or was it earlier?) and Lyrace deftly brought it down.  The bard's compassionate side became evident and he insisted that we save the beast.  I couldn't have agreed more!  I think this bard has more going on than meets the eye.

We returned to Svetlana's and told that old Eyrastilite about the temple and he was grateful.  He apparently knew about the man-bear in the temple.  Humans are such amateur lairs!  How farcical! 

We headed West and encountered Breig's field of traps and Lyrace was mauled rather horribly by the traps.  Ptička tried to help but the man squirmed around to much and the trap went off again!  Ouch!  I have several bear traps now.  We should return to this area and collect the rest since Breig is dead (we found him murdered later).

We also encountered two delightful fairies who played some clever pranks on us.  The others seemed annoyed.  They requested some entertainment or other pleasures and I penned a limerick for them:

There once was a Fairie Queen

Whose behind was a sight to be seen

The King was quite glad

As she wasn't half-bad

And he liked to do things most obscene

 The fairy dragon and grigg were delightful friends and we quickly made alliances to bring civilization to the region in a sane manner.  Because the others were there I didn't go into my plans for the Greenbelt, but I will converse with them alone sometime soon.

We finally slew a Tassilwyrm thing.  We brought it back to Svetlana's husband who had fixated upon having one and we were rewarded well. 

On one of our forays into the forest we encountered that foul troll again!  We nearly killed it, but it escaped.  I feel that this troll should be dispatched before we are caught off guard.

Let's see…what else happened?  We ran into some foolish nobles running in the woods for a cheap thrill.  Their guides seemed like sensible folk and they said they will look for us at Svetlana's Outpost once they deliver their nobles to town.

About the bandits:  They seem to be harassing Brevoy more and we will need to get rid of them before we can recruit settlers. 

We've travelled over most of the charter territory and rode well over 300 miles in the last several days.  I am tired and want to rest for a day or two, but I suspect we will be off again soon.  Take care!



First Foray
greenbelt, session 1,

After meeting Master Varn and his entourage, a fellow named Willis who rides a wolf and gave Derrick a magic necromantic bone dagger of unknown function and a mage of some sort, we set off to Oleg’s fort/trading post. After we arrived, we were mistaken for the guard the mayor had promised Oleg some time ago. In addition, Oleg described his life long dream of having a tasselwhatsit head on his mantle. His wife, Svetlana, related to Vrenick that the bandits had stolen her wedding ring, and also that she was trying to get pregnant and could use a certain ind of radish. Apparently she had been sneaking out at night to collect them. The radishes were delivered, however we could not locate the wedding ring, it may have been stolen by some weird creature. We also met Breig, the unsavory trapper.

Oleg informed us that once a month he is cleaned out by bandits, and we agreed to deal with them. There was a short fight at the gates with a small band, Haps and 2 henchmen were killed, [[: Woody | Woodard]] (Woody) and another less cooperative bandit were captured. Woody surrendered, and agreed to provide us intel. The other bandit promised us gold for his life, and instead lead us to a spiders den where he was killed. We found a map on a dead bandit in the den that we could not make sense of, it referenced a particular tree and river.

In the assault on the bandit camp, half the party was taken down, while woody cam to the rescue and shot Vrenle? the female bandit leader twice enabling us to be victorious.

Next we hunted tuskgutter, the boar on behalf of Veckle who lost his leg to it. The boar was no challenge, however a troll attacked our camp, destroying our tents, looting our things, and killing 2 horses and a pony.

We also received a letter from Master Varn asking after us and requesting a reply.

In the process of the above, we explored several areas of the greenbelt.


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