Tartuk’s legacy in the Greenbelt is short. What is know is that he convinced the kobold chief that he had been cursed and used this belief to take over the Sootscale tribe. He then orchestrated a vicious war between the mites and kobolds, spreading death across the river crossing region.

He encountered the leaders of the Greenbelt in his lair, and did battle with them. The battle was short and indecisive. Tartuk took the measure of the party and fled after inflicting casualties but no fatalities.

His coloration is unique amongst kobolds, a deep purple. He also wears a ring bearing the Medved heraldry.

Long ago the party discovered that the creature Tartuk was in fact Venrick’s father, warped and twisted by Nyrissa’s strange magic. He caused a crazy owlbear to attack Lakefort and confronted the party on several other occasions.

He was finally slain in battle and once killed returned to his gnome form. He was resurrected by Derrick Valeria and remembers very little of his five years spent as a purple kobold.



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