Derrick Valeria

A reckless cleric of Desna


HP: 9
AC: 17
F: 3 R:1 W:4
Favored Weapon: Greyfang: 5 2d64
other weapons: javelin, 1 1d63; sling+magic stone, 2, 1d64
str 16
con 13
dex 12
int 10
wis 14
cha 14

Domains: Travel Liberation

Equipment: mast breastplate, Ajax (heavy warhorse, studded leather barding)
signal whistle, silk rope, grappling hook, 2 torches, bedroll, flint+steel, etc. etc.


Derrick joined the temple to earn his keep after his father died defending a border village from bandits. He is torn between aspirations to swordsmanship and his duties as a cleric. The Valeria family had only minor holdings, but they diminished yet further after the death of his father. His mother remarried a man who later turned out to be a drunk and a gambler, racking up significant debts. He joined the church to support himself. After receiving news of his mother’s death and his stepfather’s abandonment, he returned home to claim his sword and horse. While he won’t admit it, Ajax and his personal items are the last of the Valeria fortune. Similarly, as an only child, he is the last of the line, and intends to exceed his families former glory in all respects.

Derrick is quite tall, broad shouldered, with dark brown eyes and hair cropped to medium length. His square jaw frequently sports stubble.

Derrick Valeria

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