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Excerpt from The Travels of Lyrice Volian:

It is good to be back out in the greenbelt exploring these wild lands. Though our time spent out of Lakefort has been far too little for my liking, we have done well to make the most of it. Perhaps that is all well and good however, seeing as we’ve stared death in the face far to often of late. During this previous excursion there were a number of dangerous and exciting encounters that needed our attention. First was this creature called a Hodag. Fully expecting a dragon, or a Troll, I was completely taken off guard by this huge, scale and spike covered reptile. The various creatures indigenous to this land are a continuing source of amazement for me.

Further along during our trip, I saw perhaps the strangest thing in my life. A troll approached us with what could only be described as a makeshift white flag, though the troll employed a sail. For the life of me I can barely recall why he visited us. Some crazy troll claiming himself king of our empire or something of the sort. Perhaps if more trolls would proclaim themselves king, I could get out of the castle more often. Anyways… we came to a unanimous decision that there is only room for one king of the greenbelt, and decided to deal with this issue immediately.

Eventually we found the lair of the trolls… an old watchtower built into the high hills in the southeastern corner of our chartered lands. Though dangerous, the trolls guarding the entry way seemed easy pickings, and those in nearby chambers were either lazy or afraid. We continued to explore the Troll’s lair, and the noteworthy events were preventing the trolls from capturing Venrick, and planting an exploding crossbow bolt in the neck of a hideous two-headed troll. Also, the Tiefling spell-slinger that generally hurls magical missiles at our enemies has found a nasty little spell – a flaming ball he can control – which the trolls don’t seem enjoy very much.

Ultimately, we found the Troll King (Or rather, we found a devastating fireball that belonged to him). To our surprise, the Troll King was the very same troll that made a meal of our horses and harassed us in the night when we first explored the Greenbelt. We threw up a barrier of trees to prevent him from killing us while we regrouped, which he promptly lit on fire. A spell of command sent him climbing the tree, which set off a series of explosions. Barely alive, I retreated, amazed that the creature still had a head. Shortly thereafter, the King was dead, and the threat to our kingdom ended. Unfortunately, this also signaled the return to the confines of our city… and my return to the my dreadful duties as High Priest.

Excerpt from The Travels of Lyrice Volian:

Finally I convinced these infidels that run this kingdom to construct a Brewery in Lakefort. We’ve been expanding this city for what seems like years now, and we still have to import our beer? I can only hope that they are sensible enough to hasten the development of facilities to brew and sell beer in our other settlements. Anyhow, it was good to be on the road again, even if for a short while. We explored a new area of the Greenbelt that with a rumor attached to it about a magical rapier. In the name of Cayden, I thought this worth pursuing.

Coming across a strange undead crypt, my immediately concern was who or what may have owned this weapon previously, and how powerful might they have been. We set off traps, and fought off skeletons, and eventually came across an undead individual rambling on about barbarian lords and such. I think we had already established our stance on additional kings, lords, and rulers in our region, and so we promptly dispatched this undead being (and took his magical rapier). Unfortunately it was broken, so we’ll have to get it fixed as soon as we return to Lakefort. I’m actually looking forward to the return trip for once. Speaking of, there is our castle in the distance. Wait, where is Bokken’s tower?


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