Greenbelt Razors

Chapter Seven

Chapter 7: A rebellion is crushed, our city is damaged , a meeting is not kept, a village’s inhabitants vanish, I grow a profound hatred for birds, I grow more powerful and become intoxicated with my power to cast death from the skies above and yet come close to death three times only to be saved by luck, strategy and “love.” And politics rears its ugly head once again…. So much ground to cover…I’ve come a long way from petty robberies and hiding in the shadows from the city guard….

We returned from our adventures to find a riot in the streets…our crown jewel – the city we had most developed – was attacked and a madwoman (a priest I suspect) was stirring up the masses. Thank the abyss we did not debate matters this time and slew most of the troublemakers. I found my physical “improvements” intoxicating. I no longer felt fragile and I laughed at sword blows that would have previously left me bleeding. I cast death with scorching rays of heat and fire cooking my enemies. Delicious! The kobolds were right – blood is blood. (On a side note I was relieved to see that the house of “ill repute” I recently established took no damage – so all was well. Although the alchemist’s shop was damaged – this did cause our economy some short-term stress.)

We took off for a prearranged meeting to link our nation with our neighbors. We built our road and made it to the agreed patch of ground. There was no road and no one to greet us. Off we headed for the nearest city – Varnhold. We crossed a stream near the city and were attacked by a Chull….who quickly grabbed me, paralyzed me and if not for the swift actions of my colleagues – I would have drowned. Humiliating.

We proceeded deeper into the city and encountered a barn with a number of animal corpses. We were set upon by…I know now how else to describe it but a swarm of crows. Their black bodies filled the air, blocking out the sun. In moments all but one of our party members were blinded by the damned bird’s claws! We had to retreat and wait a day until our caviler could heal us all and restore our vision. I was starting to think my new body was not as ‘strong’ as I thought it was.

We found a high spot to view the city and saw groups of spriggans moving throughout the city. (The gnome said they were evil and not to be trusted.) In the distance we saw what appeared to be a fort and we decided to approach it.

We entered the city proper and found a ghost town. The city had been abandoned – but what struck me as odd was that we saw no dead bodies (besides those of horses and livestock.) We explored the city we found some treasure, a journal that spoke of a “discovered bracelet” and a description of a tribe of centaurs (Nomen) that had caused trouble for the locals before. We entered a tavern and found a dead spriggan with a head wound sitting up in a chair. We found a number of books and I triggered a sepia snake sigil protection spell. I awoke at camp site hours later with a strained back. Annoying.

Around this time, a raven began following us around. We talked to it asking it to go away – it said “no.” I hit it with two scorching rays and one of my teammates’ hit it with an arrow. Enough damage to kill a man and still the bird did not fall.

I despise birds. . (Note to self: create a spell specifically focused on destroying all birds in a 100 foot radius.)

We suspect the bird to be an agent of someone, perhaps a familiar.

We ventured back into the city and after some scouting we decide to attack the fort. I would fly in using a new spell I had gained and attack from the sky. I would also find some way to let in my companions from the front gate.

I flew at rapid speed from behind the fort….below I spotted a handful of spriggans and wolves in the courtyard. A fireball flew from my hands and I laughed as I heard their screams of agony as they died. I flew faster…seeing more spriggans attacking my colleagues with bows. Beams of heat flew from my fingertips and they died. I landed and opened the gate, letting them in.

We rushed the courtyard – our enemies fleeing into a structure inside the fort. They believed themselves safe inside the structure, with murder holes to attack us. Fools. As my teammates burst the front door and fought bellow – I flew up at an angle to press our attack.

I was cowardly attacked from behind by another of those vicious creatures. (The wound was serious, but my new body could take it.) In contempt I did not even look and aim as I used the _magic missile _spell to burst his brain.

I flew down a corridor….eager for battle, to destroy my enemies. And then a giant hand lashed out and I fell to the ground, near death. (Three times death held me in her arms in as many days….I think our ranger and I are equal now for near death experiences.)

I am told that the leader of the villains told my allies that I had been captured and I would be slain if they did not surrender. They pressed on with their attack. (I am not sure how I feel about that.)

Somehow they came to the agreement that one of us would fight the leader – if he lost, his group would surrender. If we lost, we would swear loyalty to the tribe. The gnome’s eidolon fought for us…and lost. But there was something not right…somehow the leader had cheated. (We later discovered that through a set of magic rings, the physical harm done to the leader was passed on to his tribe.)

The facts get slightly muddled here but the gnome – through a stroke of genus came on the spot with a plan that was…I am in awe thinking of how razor sharp his mind is to think of such a plan of attack on the spot. (I will never doubt our decision to make him king of our land.)

Our new “leader” asked for magical healing for his wounds. The gnome said I had a powerful potion of healing in my haversack. The leader reached into my bag and drank the only potion inside….

An elixir of love potion.

I awoke in the arms of the leader, who embraced me as his “son” and told me how we would rule our tribe side by side. I must admit that when the opportunity came a few minutes later to attack…I was a bit off balance…trying to understand what the hell had happened. But we killed him and defeated his tribe – who weren’t that sad to see him gone. The accursed magic bird returned and took one of the rings. Again I damaged it with a spell but it was not enough…and away it flew…

(Note to self: All birds. Dead. Now.)

We left and returned home, only to find word that we (as charter holders) were commanded to meet fellow leaders for a meeting. I’ve found more honor among thieves, but the details of that meeting will await another time. I grew weary and we set off early in the morning to continue our adventures…


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