Assorted Letters by V. Groundminer

an Aborted Varn-meet



Grim news…I hope you and yours are well.  Lakefort has been attacked.  We arrived to the scene of terrible destruction.  The Alchemist's tower has been destroyed, along with one of the city walls.

Some mad, twisted shell of a woman ranted and raved within the town center and she preached of Gyrona's insane blessings.  We confronted her and her bloody apron wearing minions.

As she cackled those near her lost their senses.  I am glad you were not here to see the scene unfold.  If we had not had a Cleric of Gorum passing through town, I think it could have turned out poorly.

After calming the populace and setting up defenses we went after the huge creature that destroyed our city wall.  It was a mammoth owlbear.  Its path was easy to follow.  Imagine our surprise when we instead came across a giant.  You have heard that one was roaming the hills, no doubt.  

Imagine my pleasant surprise to find him most amiable. Although he has a fondness of the drink, he is ultimately just a victim of loneliness…every creature should have the opportunity to receive the blessings of the Eternal Rose and because of that I and my friends agreed to help him.  In turn he will help defend our city.  I fear he will be a drain on our coffers (and casks of Shrike Pale Ale) but I think this giant will be worth every copper.

We continued South (telling our giant friend to wait for us).  We came across the lair of the monstrous owlbear.  Nasty little mushroom creatures tried to block our way but we finished them off.  We also dispatched a bunch of hungry little spiders.  Imagine our terrible surprise however when we encountered a vile, centipede infested living vine mound.  We nearly lost one of our own in the fight.  Sam lost his fair wolf and we stopped to find a secluded glade to inter the poor beast.  Sam had grown inordinately fond of the beast.  I think he must be lonely. Perhaps we have more of Shelyn's work to do?!

The horrible owlbear was powerful but we have brave (if not foolhardy) warriors amongst my little troupe.  What was most disturbing though was that it worked for my cursed father.  I wish to restore him or release him for he suffers so and vexes us so.  After a brief exchange of words (he hid like a coward) we were forced to retreat when the cleric of Gorum and that infernal sorcerer fell into a pit of putrescent green goo.  Luckily we fished them out (Ptichka to the rescue!)

We also explored the rest of our charter lands including a horrible mud-caked tendril plant beast.  But it was the encounter with the dragonkind that was most challenging.  It had caustic fumes bellowing from its gaping maw.  In the thin tunnels of a cave hid a forest drake and only by threatening its brood did we manage to tell it to move away.  

I shall return soon and tell you in person all of the details of our adventures.




My moon and stars,

Well, we returned home and got busy building our city.  It is thriving and we have managed to also protect the forest and lake lands.  Soon we go off to meet Varn and his people.  Sam is anxious to see his family; now settled in Varnland.  We really should convince them to move here.  I would have thought Sam would have insisted.  Is he a little ashamed of his meager upbringing? 

You know, I have tried to teach Sam a thing or two and I am afraid he is a bit slow to pick it up.  I continue to allow him to charge into battle and he continues to get battered and he has yet to understand why I wait for him to do so…poor boy, it must be so disorienting to be a boy in a man's body…

Unless you hear from me soon, all is well at the "Varn-meet".  With tender wonder and growing thirst I part from your cool waters.  Fare thee well.




...My cattail in a summer wind,

Varn and his people are missing.  We crossed their barren land through a mountain pass until we arrived at Varnhold.  We watch it from a distance.  Horror of horrors…I…I do not wish to alarm you…but the town is filled with…with…Lonely Ones...yes, spriggans.  Oh fie!  Ere my return to you and Lakefort, we must dispatch these wretched souls.  I fear some creatures are beyond reason, and these are among the worst.  I can only pray to Desna that the constant dreams and nightmares I have about fighting them was only an omen of my encounter and not of my demise.  

If I do not return, please take comfort in knowing that I stood brave and resolute; loyal and fierce in the face of these horrors!

Ipray that soon I will see you again. 



GOOD GRIEF! I can’t wait to be back.

Assorted Letters by V. Groundminer
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